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our releases

our releases

All prices for orders in the US include shipping.
If you're interested in these records, please email me:
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yellow star = 7" vinyl blue star = CD
PG001: Various Artists - Twisted 7-inch
A compilation 7" featuring new songs by the New Grand (A Flair For Sex), Zumpano (The Moment Business), Cheticamp (Huey Hog), and the Super Friendz (Ladies Man In Exile). Not only are there four great tracks, but it comes with a zine featuring band interviews and comics! First pressing is on clear blue vinyl, and second pressing is on black. $5
PG002: Cheticamp - Aeroplane vs. Automobile CD
Mike Belitsky's recipe for great pop tunes: indie rock with a dash of pop and a pinch of country. Produced by Brenndan McGuire (Sloan, Super Friendz), who also plays bass on it.
Track Listing: Flight Path * Huey Hog * The Princess * Morphine Blues * Sickamee * Leaving * It Shows * You On * After Eight * Beverly Hills - $5
PG003: Swackhammer/Little Clever - Semi-Annual General Meeting split 7" 7-inch
A split single by two Mississauga bands. The Swackhammers (duo) challenge the Little Clevers (trio) in a friendly musical battle. A co-release with 41 Flavour Records. $3 (or free with any purchase)
PG004: 4-Star Movie - 4-Star Movie CD
The debut CD by Toronto's favourite indie rockers. Noisy rock songs and
sweet pop tunes that even your mom will like.
Track Listing: Observation * Rock Savant * Divine,You * All Caught In This Blizzard * Hey Macarena * Patience is A V. * Si Senőr * Honeyglaze * You'll Come Running * Foursider * Canadian Girl * Last Train To Baltimore * 2 Things At Once - $5
PG005: Joe Pernice / Cheticamp - Cowboys and Injuns split 7" 7
Two new heartbreakers courtesy of 2 favorite troubadours.
Love hurts. Previously unreleased songs!
Joe Pernice (The Two of You Sleep) and Cheticamp ( Lil' Rebound). $5


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